Moving with Jluggage.com
Here at Jluggage.com(Japan Luggage Express), we specialize in international shipping of household goods and personal effects worldwide.  By concentrating our energy solely on the international moving we have gained a comprehensive knowledge of this specialized industry, which accompanied with our professional service, is the reason for our continuing success.
Japan Luggage Express is a professional company dedicating its services to ensuring the varying needs of our clients are met.   With very high levels of personalized service, combined with very competitive prices, we are now the Japan’s leading international moving company.
Contact us at jluggage.com and  we will send you information on our charges to your shipping destination. We are sure you will find these rates very competitive – hopefully the best in Japan.
For many people, international shipping or moving can be a once-in-a-life-time experience. In fact, most of our clients have never shipped internationally before.  One of the reasons that our services is popular is because our services are easy to use even for people who have no experience of international shipping. (Unlike shipping within a nation, there are quite a few things to learn while it is an economical way of shipping a number of packages)
Send your inquiry through http://www.jluggage.com and we will assist you with any queries you may have.
Jluggage.com can arrange any aspect of the moving to suit your needs. Whether you need to arrange shipping of a few boxes or an entire household.
With our reliable bilingual customers service, you will rest easy knowing
your international shipment from Japan is in good hands with JLE
Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with Jluggage.com.
We look forward to being of assistance to you when you are moving from Japan.
Email inquiry: jluggage@jluggage.com



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